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The "Come Unto Me" bronze sculpture took more than a year to make its first appearance.

Unveiled in 2000, the original life-sized bronze monument stands in the grand foyer of the Spilsbury Mortuary in DID YOU KNOW?

: When David penned these words recorded in God's word, the Bible, they did not have flashlights. These lamps were very small, made of pottery, filled with oil and a wick.

The lamps David is talking about would fit in the palm of a man's hand.

Held in the hand they were useless to see the ground.

People would take two lamps, tie one to each foot and then walk in the light of the lamps!

Each lamp, with a small light, gave just enough light for each step! There is however a deeper spiritual and personal application!

The earthen pottery vessel is a type of our earthly bodies.

Without oil (the Holy Spirit) and the wick light of God's Holy Word (the Bible), we cannot see to take even one step into the darkness of the future. When our earthen vessels are filled with and by God the Holy Spirit- Who alone interprets the lighted wick of God's Holy and Living Word the Bible- then we have "light" to take a step safely into the future!