jack the ripper crime scene

The tale of Jack the Ripper involves five extremely brutal slayings of prostitutes between August and November of 1888 in the Whitechapel area of London, England.

Legend has it that the perpetrator called himself Jack the Ripper in letters he sent to the London police—taking credit for the crimes.

It was commonly believed that the Ripper was a medical doctor due to the significant cutting of the victims’ bodies.

The Ripper case was the first serial killer story in history to cause a widespread media frenzy and that was due to the proliferation of inexpensive broadsheet newspapers in Victorian London in the late 19th century.

By the fall of 1888, at the height of the Ripper’s killing spree, one million newspapers with updated stories on the case were sold each day—an unprecedented circulation of newspapers at the time.

The Jack the Ripper case has generated a glut of conspiracy theories concerning his identity over the years.

In fact, there are at least 100 different theories about the identity of Jack the Ripper.

One of the most colorful involves a British royal family connection and the Freemasons.

Indeed, much of the legend of Jack the Ripper is pure mythology, including the iconic image of the top hat wearing gentleman that accompanies this article.

I believe that Jack the Ripper was in fact a poor, insane Polish Jew with homicidal tendencies called “David Cohen” who was admitted to the Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum in London, December 1888. The name David Cohen is a pseudonym similar to “John Doe” that was given to him because his actual name was never determined or at least not recorded.

Here is my rationale for identifying David Cohen as Jack the Ripper.

First and foremost, forensic evidence supports this conclusion.