алькатрас alcatraz

LARGEST CARDAMINE HAUL EVER: ALCATRAZ -- Rogue pilots recently smuggled a large shipment of Cardamine from California all the way to the Junkers at Rochester in New York.

"Things got a little tense when we realized that we were being ghosted by a couple a Hunters, but we managed to get away from them -- Woohoo!

" cried Terry Donovan, one of the successful smugglers.

NEW RECRUITS TO RECEIVE TRAINING: ALCATRAZ -- Leaders from around Liberty came together in California to discuss the possibility of training newer Rogue members to become better pilots and smugglers.

"If we could take the acquired knowledge of our more experienced members and share it with some of the scrubs, then we'd have less casualties among our junior members," said Montezuma chief, Nick Creeley.

This is all part of a Rogue effort everywhere to try and become a more effective force within Liberty and Sirius.

Liberty Rogues "A few days ago, the Outcast ship Balboa was damaged by an LPI patrol that surprised it in the Tahoe Ice Cloud.

It escaped its pursuers, but the failing control systems eventually caused it to hit an ice crystal and explode -- at least that's what they've been able to piece together from radar and the pilot's last words.

The wreckage was scattered and drifted over a large area.

The Cardamine cargo remains missing, probably still in the hold of the ship." "Alcatraz ships Cardamine to Buffalo and Beaumont.

I'd like to make that run myself one day, but I'm not good enough yet.

The Outcasts tend to get angry when you blow one of their Cardamine loads." "California is a good home for the Rogues.