golden ark

Gorgeous New York Bach model 6 trombone, early production serial number 44x. These were some of the most popular trombones of the day and still hold up to modern professional standard. This instrument is in excellent shape, shows one restoration at some point in its life.

Very responsive bell section, gorgeous singing tone. $2100 Top of the line trombone from Edwards in Wisconsin. $3950 with Reunion Blues leather case A rare and unusual medium bore trombone from the Mt Vernon era of Bach trombones.

This is the Alessi signature model, which features all of the specs Joe uses. Light wear on the usual spots, some minor dings but overall extremely good used condition. Shipping available via Greyhound or you are welcome to fly into LA and pick up in shop. The model 36 was very popular but some players preferred a slightly smaller bore, which is the model 34. The 34 is one of the most coveted models, not only for its rarity but also for its versatility.

Some notables, the tunable brace which allows you to put various material rods to tune your resonance and resistance. Extremely desirable F tuba from Meinl Weston, the model 45-SLP. Sounds great in an orchestral setting, pop a small piece in it and blow some salsa charts all night. For those players that love the flexibility of a king 3b but want more open blowing and a harder slot, the 3b plus is your ticket. Lightly used but in great shape, no lacquer, gold brass bell. Well loved Bach Mt Vernon model 12, raw brass finish in good condition.

An Alessi sterling silver leadpipe is soldered into the slide. $3700 CC tuba from B&S, the model Perantucci PT-20. This is a 6/4 size F tuba, 4 piston valves, 5th thumb rotor and 2nd valve tuning trigger. $7800 This is a 4/4 CC tuba from Kalison, the Daryl Smith signature model. Vintage King 6B "Duo Gravis" Silversonic bass trombone, dependent valves with sterling silver bell. This one is in good shape, has normal wear from use and cosmetic lacquer blems. Extremely fun to play, easy to navigate and useful in most settings the 3b plus is unknown to most players. $1500 with case One of a kind custom modified Bach alto trombone model 39 with Bb valve, added by Larry Minick. The sound is pure and brilliant with lots of projection. Very thin and responsive bell flare, good slide action. Nimble and colorful sound with great intensity and flexibility.

Features a Swiss made Rotax valve, with gold brass open wrap tubing. Versatile performance for orchestral or solo player and very comfortable in a recording studio setting. Similar to other York style 4/4 CC tubas, like the HB2 or Getzen Canadian Brass. In good shape silver finish with some of the silver worn off. Ultra clear tone, comfortable to play, valve works great. $2250 with case SALE PENDING Stunning model 8 Bach New York Trombone, silver-plated finish. This one is very easy to play, slots are predictable and steerable. A unique New York Bach 50B bass trombone which features an inline system, which has been incorporated into the tuning slide as to not destroy the integrity of the original single valve instrument. No additional tuning slide is provided, but one could be easily sourced.

This instrument is brand new, was a show demo and as such is near factory condition. It's been silver plated and is in very good condition.

This bass trombone plays incredible the sound is absolutely addicting. Here is a rare Mt Vernon Bach Model 50B, the legendary bass trombone.

These New York bass trombones are incredibly rare, only showing up for sale once in a while. Linkage and slide crook modification, slide oversleeves removed. The bell flare is amazing, perfectly thin and responsive while being extremely focused and powerful.

There are some minor wear spots and small dings from use, it isn't a perfect museum piece. Play it like it is or put some modern valves on it and have the bass of your dreams. Rare large bore Holton Trombone, model TR158, with screw bell flare and flat case.

F attachment with .547" slide and 9" bell diameter. Regarded as one of the best bass trombones ever made, the Elkhart Conn 62H lives up to its reputation. The i variation means it was the original design for the model 6 (i-vii are the different variations and means that the bell, bore, neckpipe, tuning slide and leadpipe is different from variation to variation. Fabulous playing vintage Bach 50 with inline valves, modified by Larry Minick. This trombone plays great, leaning slightly to the commercial side. Bach Mt Vernon model 16, features a dual bore slide .495/.509 with a 7.5" bell.

This trombone plays great, honestly one of the best sounding large tenors at the shop right now. Based on the famous Fuchs model, the 62H has a wide throated bell flare with a tuning in the slide design, dependent rotary valves. It can be sold as is and either played stock or modified by you, or I can have it modified here at the shop. Price will be $3000 as is, $3950 with modern split triggers, Minick style D 2nd valve valve slide. Single valve Conn Elkhart bass trombone, model 72H. The 6i (and also the 6) means .485" bore, #412 leadpipe, #401 bell, a larger bore tuning slide and neckpipe making this variation the most open blowing of the seven. Special bell mounting system that suspends the bell without any solder points. Would be excellent for light orchestral work, studio work, big band or wind ensemble. This one is from the late 1950s and is in good shape.