игры казино на пк

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Run a Las Vegas Casino in Casino Chaos, a fun and exciting Time Management game! Get customers gambling to make the cash to bankroll bigger and better casinos!

Work quickly and efficiently through tons of levels and deal with different types of customers.

I played the demo and I wasn't too far in to know this was for me.

I could spend hours playing this game if I am not careful.

Not too much thought to it, just put people where they want to go.

Nice game to play when you had a rough day at work and need to veg out!

Watch the upgrades and make sure you have enough dealers for the amount of tables you have for that level.

This game doesn't have the greatest graphics, but oddly I did enjoy the game.

It does get repetitive and as you progress through the different casinos, you'll have to start over w/ re-buying upgrades.

There's enough going on in the game that will keep you busy. Sometimes you just have to re-play a level to get expert, and this can be attributed to getting different customers w/ different preferences.