казино принимают webmoney

Web Money is a reliable and secure system that allows Internet users to make safe transactions in real time. Keeper Classic is a standalone professional application for Windows.

To launch WM Keeper Classic you get: a unique WM Identifier (WMID), the unique 12-Digit number, a password and files with a secret key and purses stored in the memory of your PC. Web Money offers various tools to perform operations and transactions within the System: 1.

Web Money has a verification system in which you get a Web Money passport (digital certificate).

e-Num — authorization service, providing high level of encryption and data protection. During the you must provide and confirm your personal information.

Keeper Classic has to be downloaded and installed onto your computer 2.

Keeper Light is a browser application with the personal certificate.

All the transactions are routed through secure https connection 3.

Keeper Mini is a browser application with basic functionality 4.

Keeper Mobile is a mobile application, allowing you to make transactions via any mobile device which supports Java. You can pay for services and goods using Web Money.

Even though deposits made with a credit card or a bank transfer are perfectly safe these days, many players go for extra safe using an intermediary payment system.

Web Money is one of the many options to choose for, mostly used as an e-wallet.

At first this service was used by Russians only, but these days customers all over the world are using this multifunctional payment tool that provides secure and immediate transactions online.