online gladiator

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Star gladiators can be useful in both Pv M and Wo E.

Most people don’t consider this class to be useful, unless it’s for Mv Ping or farming things.

Continue reading my guide to find out what else they can be used for.

Star gladiators are great for emperium breaking in Wo E FE.

The reason for this varies throughout multiple pro’s and con’s.

Regardless of the reason you might decide to make an SG, they are much cheaper than other classes to gear and are effective emp breakers at a much cheaper cost than a Sin X.

Leveling a star gladiator is very easy, not only do you not need to trans, but you can level at one of the most EXP giving area’s in the game.

First I would suggest doing a quest, preferably Ice Necklace quest.

Ice Necklace quest will get you from level 10 to 69, on the a 10x base exp rate server (for me that is).