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Milltronics Centurion 7 Error Messages complete list for cnc machinists programmers who work on Milltronics cnc machines Milltronics Error Messages 001 Invalid function number Note what just occurred and call for technical…GTCNC-150i T-II G Codes M Codes GREAT-150i T-II or GTCNC-150i T-II G Codes M Codes for CNC Lathe.

G Codes G Code Description G00 Rapid positioning G01 Linear interpolation G02 Helical interpolation CW G03 Helical…Sinumerik POCKET2 Circular pocket milling With Sinumerik POCKET2 cycle, circular pockets can be produced.

Sinumerik POCKET2 cycle is a combined roughing/finishing cycle.

Programming POCKET2 (RTP, RFP, SDIS, DP, DPR, PRAD,…Sinumerik POCKET1 Rectangular pocket milling With Sinumerik POCKET1 cycle, rectangular pockets can be produced in any location in the machining plane.

Sinumerik POCKET1 cycle is a combined roughing/finishing cycle.

Programming…Sinumerik SLOT2 Circumferential slot With Sinumerik SLOT2 cycle, circular slots can be produced arranged on a circle.

Sinumerik SLOT2 cycle is a combined roughing/finishing cycle.

Programming SLOT2 (RTP, RFP, SDIS,…Sinumerik HOLES2 Hole Circle With Sinumerik HOLES2 cycle, a hole circle can be machined (BHC).

Programming HOLES2 (CPA, CPO, RAD, STA1, INDA, NUM) Parameters Parameter Description CPA Center point circle/pocket,…

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