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Linovector-II Finned Tube Radiation is Vulcan's most versatile and flexible, multi-purpose commercial hydronic heating enclosure line.

For over 50 years, it has provided users an outstanding BTU output/penny of cost.

Linovector-II offers architects, engineers and contractors a full range of enclosure styles, heights, depths, lengths and element selections.

Known in the trade as a reliable workhorse, Linovector-II features include small tube sizes and low water temperature ratings.

Linovector-II Finned Tube Radiation is used in commercial heating installations - structures that demand good looks, durability and low price.

Ideally suited for schools, general office buildings, common walkways and high traffic areas.

Linovector-II is especially suited for high heat loss areas, yet is attractive enough to be used in areas with subtle lines and perimeter heating.

Linovector-II Finned Tube Radiation enclosures are available in 18, 16, and 14 gauge C. S., stainless steel and aluminum are available options.

The enclosures are reinforced with 14 gauge internal gussets and full height vertical slip joint stiffeners making them one of the most rugged enclosures on the market today.

All finned tube enclosures are press brake formed with hard tool dies to ensure consistent styles, shapes and sizes.

COSMAS VULCAN 14" STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING BOOTS The Cosmas Vulcan 14" high, black, pull-on, leather/fabric bunker style boots are made with a combination midsole/ladder shank/puncture resistant device for added support and comfort with less weight.

Offering full-grain, water-resistant leather upper, ankle guard, Achilles flex point, safety toe, tibia guard, micro fiber suede heel slide, and nitrile rubber toecap for fire service personnel.