вулкан 2

The Vulcan V2 fins represent a revolution in terms of conception.

The 3density elastomer® technology offers improved propulsion performance, ideal for powerful and experienced bodyboarders.

The ergonomic foot pocket and ankle strap will provide you with incredible comfort during your sessions.

With 15 different variations, the VULCAN 2 A brings an exciting flexibility to the Global Fire Equipment range of warning devices and interfaces.

Up to 96 devices can be connected to a single Loop depending on Loop Loading.

In the case of combined Sounder and Beacon devices he maximum number of devices should not exceed 64.

The addressable VULCAN 2 A is available as an Addressable Sounder, Beacon or combined Sounder/Beacon which may be field configured as a Shadow Sounder/Beacon or Auxiliary Sounder/Beacon.

There are also versions available incorporating a loop isolator.

It took the Pride Lab two years of research to conceive the best fins on the market : the Vulcan V1 and V2.

Let yourself be tempted by their unmatched comfort and performance. You will certainly find the ones meeting your needs.

The Vulcan II Glass Crucible Kiln The Vulcan II is the most beautiful glass blower’s kiln we have ever produced. The rugged K-25 firebricks are designed for prolonged periods at high temperatures.

From the easy-access, glistening control panel to the built-in stand to the crucible cover lifting assembly, the kiln is built to far exceed your expectations. They are much more suitable for crucible work than the standard K-23 firebricks. The K-25 firebrick bottom, lid, and crucible cover are 3” thick. Adjust the height of the crucible with posts under the shelf.